Svalbard Social Science Initiative

The Svalbard Social Science Initiative is a association of social science, humanities and arts-based researchers working with a wide range of issues on Svalbard. Our platform helps coordinate research activities and communication with the local community.

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Kick-off to collaboration with SVALUR

The project SVALUR - Understanding Resilience and Long-Term Environmental Change in the High Arctic: Narrative-Based Analyses from Svalbard will combine environmental monitoring and people's...

Longyearbyen Community Dialogue about tourism

On Sept 17, the SSSI together with LPO Arkitekter and Longyerabyen Lokalstyre continued with a series of community dialogues. Longyearbyen as a community, not (just) a destination: What kind of...

Presentation at local office of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

On Sept 9, Alexandra Meyer and Zdenka Sokolickova presented about "Longyearbyen in change" and how the changes are interpreted and framed in current SSSI research projects. The audience were the...

Presentation of research findings & discussion

On Sept 2, Zdenka Sokolickova presented and discussed her research findings at the Longyearbyen Public Library. The focus this time was on Chinese tourists in Svalbard. The audiorecording of the...

Focus groups on urban development in Longyearbyen

In cooperation with LPO Arkitekter Svalbard, and as part of their project Rett Plass Rett Form, the SSSI conducted 9 focus groups in May and June 2020 with inhabitants of Longyearbyen to find out...

Call for journal manuscripts for a collection of articles on „Changing Svalbard“ in Polar Record

We invite papers for a collection of articles in Polar Record on the human and societal dimensions of the various economic, social, and cultural processes changing Svalbard....

Longyearbyen Samfunnsdialoger / Longyearbyen Community Dialogues

In many ways, Longyearbyen is in a time of change. There are challenges, but also opportunities, for the future of the  town. In order to create an inclusive and sustainable community, there is the...

Report from the SSSI workshop at the Svalbard Science Conference 2019 in Oslo

The workshop report from the SSSI workshop at the Svalbard Science Conference in Oslo in November 2019 can be downloaded here. 

SSSI workshop in Longyearbyen in December 2020

The SSSI received funding from the Svalbard Science Forum / Svalbard Strategic Grant for a workshop in Longyearbyen in December 2020. More information will follow! Due to the COVID-19 situation the...

First SSSI workshop at the Svalbard Science Conference in Oslo

The SSSI organized a one-day workshop as a side meeting to the Svalbard Science Conference in Oslo in November. The workshop brought together a group of 23 people, including a representative from...



Members are those currently working on a longterm, field-based, academic project on Svalbard and who are able to dedicate a part of their time to maintaining and furthering our growing association. This includes all academic projects, from the social sciences to the humanities and the arts.

Related Projects

For all projects that deal with issues and/or subject matter related to Svalbard but that are not associated with a university. This includes, but is not limited to, art-based projects, experienced-based projects, personal projects etc.

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