Dina Brode-Roger



Department for Cultural Studies, 

KU Leuven, Belgium

Supervisor: Professor Doctor Ortwin de Graef, Vice-Dean of Research, KU Leuven

Project duration: February 2019 – January 2021

Contact: dina.broderoger@kuleuven.be

RIS link: https://www.researchinsvalbard.no/project/8752

Longyearbyen, Svalbard: Identity in Change. Mapping the Impact of Climate Change on the Actor-Network of the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard

‘Identity in Change’ uses multiple methodologies and frameworks (referred to in the project as ‘lenses’) to examine located subjectivities as expressed in the many partial perspectives that constitute the community of Longyearbyen and in the varied imaginaries projected onto it from outside the community. The project looks at issues of local identity, sustainability, policy, media representation and the geographical and geopolitical significance of the territory within the context of a changing climate. Specific lenses currently include: ethnographic research in Longyearbyen, the representation of Svalbard in the media, the Svalbard Treaty and policy issues, the tourist gaze, cultural monuments, and scientific research.
Photo credit: Elizabeth Bourne