Mathias Albert



Fakultät für Soziologie   

Universität Bielefeld, Germany

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Currently two projects in early project design phase with relation to Svalbard:

1. The Worldviews of Ice: Cognitive Frames and Constructions of the Arctic in the Science/Politics-Interface

The planned project on ‘The Worldviews of Ice’ seeks to inquire how geopolitical images contribute to framing mostly natural science research agendas in and on the Arctic, and how these then feed back into the policymaking process through the particularly dense networks between science and politics in the area of Arctic research. In this sense, the actual objects to be studied are the Arctic researchers themselves. Particularly Ny-Ålesund provides an excellent location to interview a range of researcher from different disciplinary and national backgrounds. A first phase of exploratory fieldwork is envisaged for either late in the 2020, or early in the 2021 summer season.

2. ‘A Global Svalbard’. The Practices and Law of the High North as Role Model for Governing Areas of Limited Authority in World Politics 

The project of “A Global Svalbard” is a workshop project to reflect on how the particular governance arrangements in Svalbard as well as the Svalbard Treaty hold lessons for the discussions on governance areas of limited authority/statehood.